Hurting and don't know what to do? Feeling stuck and not sure where to turn?

Let me help. Life happens to us all and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I believe we all have the ability to overcome life's struggles but sometimes we need someone outside of ourselves to point to things we can't see through our pain.

I hold compassion for those who are hurting. My experience has been in helping those with family conflict, trauma/PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and addiction. It is by holding this compassion while offering a variety of therapeutic techniques that clients are able to come to a place of healing within themselves.

I believe my clients are the true experts on themselves. My role is one of a navigational assistant that points out paths that you may not have considered before. We do this work together by uncovering your true wants and needs; seeing where you've struggled with survival techniques to get them met; and then create authentic solutions that are more proactive rather than reactive.